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Safety Professional Profile

Tom Kratz, Site Safety Manager


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Name and Position:Tom Kratz, Site Safety Manager

Tom Kratz, Site Safety Manager



20 years of Navy Training
Behavioral Safety Training
Various OSHA Classes
IBEOH Safety certification
ASSE Member
B.S. Gordon University EH&S


Why a career in Safety?

I like to make sure that everyone goes home with what they came with, nothing more nothing less. Guess its the military background.


What is your biggest accomplishment in your career?

Bringing a a TIR of 3.6 to a 1.2 in one year. Behavior Safety training does work if its done correctly.


What is your biggest disappointment in your career?

Watching someone injure themselves. So many different Safety Certifications all not honored


Did you have any other careers aside from Safety?

US Navy 21 years


Did you have any mentors in the Safety Profession?  If so, how did they influence you?

Warrant Officer Brown he told me never turn a blind eye to anything.


What advice would you give to those that have a desire to enter the Safety profession?

Have thick skin. Safety always gets a bad wrap, but the first one to get called if something goes wrong.

Are there any career goals you would like to reach before you leave the profession?



Personal Info:

I ride a Harley. Enjoy UGA football, water sports and NASCAR.
Go Dawgs


Safety Passion:

I am passionate about all aspects of safety, from training to retraining. Being able to pass on any type of knowledge is the best thing I can ever do.


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