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Safety Professional Profile

Craig Thompson, Safety Supervision/Emergency Response/Instructor

Last Updated: 03/08/2013


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Name and Position:

Craig Thompson, Safety Supervision/Emergency Response/Instructor


Texas Licensed Paramedic

Texas Department of Health

Master Firefighter

Texas Fire Commission

Intermediate Fire Instructor - Texas Fire Commission


HAZMAT Awareness and Ops


Instructor Level I and II

Basic Life Support for Health Care Provider-American Heart Association

Former Instructor of Emergency Response for the Professional Rescuer (ECA Criteria)-American Red Cross

Former Outreach Instructor OSHA 500

General Construction

TEEX Rescue Systems I

Confined Space Rescue

Trench Rescue

Corpus Christi Fire Department

Hazardous Materials (40 Hour)

Hazardous Materials for the First Responder

Train the Trainer IAFF and AFL/CIO

Weapons of Mass Destruction

NBC consultant

Process Unit Firefighting

Industrial Firefighting

Refinery Terminal Fire Company, Corpus Christi, TX

Shipboard Firefighting - TEEX College Station, TX


Why a career in Safety?

It is a logical step for me having been an emergency responder of a municipality. Industry offers its own challenges in the safety realm but it offers a great amount of opportunity to make an impact on individuals of emergency response teams or the contract worker.


What is your biggest accomplishment in your career?

Being an Emergency Response Instructor. I know that I have trained over a thousand individuals in a variety of emergency response/safety topics only later to learn that they utilized such skills to impact an incident. as an instructor, thats powerful to me!!!


What is your biggest disappointment in your career?

: The fact that many people view Safety professionals as intrusive and unnecessary. I prefer not to wear the SAFETY COP hat. I try to help them see that we are necessary and helpful - but still challenging


Did you have any other careers aside from Safety?

Handyman Student Firefighter/Paramedic College Instructor Rope Rescue Service Provider and Instructor Father Husband


Did you have any mentors in the Safety Profession?  If so, how did they influence you?

Currently none, but a few years ago a gentleman by the name of Bill Norris employed me and took me in and helped me to groom myself into the safety professional I am today integrating my experience in Emergency Response with Safety.


What advice would you give to those that have a desire to enter the Safety profession?

Get experience; an education is good but practical experience will help you gain respect of others; work a trade for a bit to see the worker's view on things; don't be a SAFETY COP


Are there any career goals you would like to reach before you leave the profession?

Travel more (domestically and internationally)and influence even more people on the importance of safety in the workplace and safety at home.


Personal Info:

Fishing/Hunting, Hiking, Recreational Rope Fun, Triathlons


Safety Passion:

Emergency Response !!! especially RESCUE


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Craig Thompson





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