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Why have a safety program?

Why Have a Safety Program?


By Ron Parker STS, CHST

Do you remember the (good?) ole days when there wasn’t a safety program, or if there was, it was in name only?  Remember when a worker could walk beams without any fall protection?  Also remember when little or no protection was used.  I could go on for quite a while but I am sure you get the picture.  A safety program not only protects the workers but protects companies responsible for the project and the client as well.


Let’s discuss reasons for a safety program:


There should be no argument that workplace safety is important.  However, sometimes it is unintentionally overlooked.  This leaves workers on the job site exposed to risks.  To have a good safety program, proper safety training is important.  Safety training can give the tools workers need to understand and self implement a safe working environment.  Management should not only allow but demand that safety training be allocated for training.  There are many companies that specialize in training but a well trained and experienced safety professional is an asset to any company and could be used to accomplish safety training.





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