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The limits I refer to are those of...

Employee’s non-compliance tolerance limits

We have all seen it…putting in the earplugs while we watch, slapping on the gloves, almost always with the explanation that they ‘just took it off to…’


Well then, when do you remind instead of reprimand? What is the deciding factor that motivates you into ‘safety’ mode? At what point will you actually have someone pulled from a task for trivialities? Just what would you consider to be trivial?


Tough questions but fair questions as well. There is absolutely no way I can believe that any person can remedy every inconsistency they see. And no person can see everything going on under normal circumstances.


I personally will allow minor infractions; things I think are nominally out of standard but in that specific circumstance ok to let slip or to ease off a bit. While I never pass a more important violation, I will make a judgment call to ignore or feign ignorance of minor things occasionally.


Do you?

This topic is my question:

How much will you let someone get away with?

Do you let friendlier (amicable to you) workers slide where
others can’t?

Or are you just afraid of the confrontation?  




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Article compliments of: Janeen Ryherd





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