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Changing Oneself for Safety

By: Nirajan Pudasaini

Most people have this feeling: Accidents happen to others, they can’t happen to me. Don’t we think that if earthquake occurs in Kathmandu, others may die and I will manage to escape somehow? Some people think they have years of experience in taking risks. Accident may occur to anyone, and its cause may be anything. We need to realize this. We need to change our attitude and misconceptions about safety issues.

We take hundreds of steps every day, but how many of these steps do we take seriously? Most accidents occur because of walking without thinking. We do not always watch where we are going. That’s why sometimes we slip and fall from a height. Walking on a wet floor poses a great risk of slipping. None of us is ready to do anything when we find a wet and slippery object on the road. Someone could step on it and have an accident, sometimes even us or our relatives.

Not only in public places, we smoke carelessly even in places with combustibles and inflammable materials. We think that no one is affected by our activity. We are not serious all the time, but we are reckless. We think that safety rules don’t apply to us. We are not sincere with ourselves; we do not implement what we have learned Most people lie. In a survey, nine out of 10 people said they washed their hands after using a public restroom; but only six of them were found to be doing so. Mostly, we know what we should do to be safe from hazards, but still we neglect to do it. Only when accidents occur do we realize what mistakes we have made.

We see that our roads are strewn with litter and stones. In some places, there are big holes. Driving during the night is very risky. Even in the daytime, thousands of people and vehicles pass these holes and curse those who made them, but not one of us is ready to do something about it. We could put warning signs at those places if we can’t fix them ourselves, but who bothers?

Safety is the first requirement and we should not compromise on it. Mostly, we recognize the problems but we are unwilling to solve them. Accidents are explained away, and generally we fix the cause rather than its symptoms. Our attitude needs to change so that we can build safety habits and a safety culture.

Understand that even very simple cases can be unsafe. No job is worth getting hurt for. There is always a way out. By following certain methods, we can be safe in performing every type of job. The only thing needed is interest and devotion to obtain safe results. We should change our attitude to improve health and safety. Let’s be aware about being safe ourselves and create safe surroundings.


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